Ken Pease Shares His Medicare Story

Mr. Pease joined Senate Democrats on Wednesday and shared his story about how the health care he got thanks to Medicare saved his life. We must save Medicare for current and future retirees.

Sign up to call Congress on January 4th and tell them Hands Off Medicare!

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Alliance for Retired Americans
Alliance for Retired AmericansSunday, May 28th, 2017 at 3:00am

How to defend the indefensible? ProPublica​ news finds Members of Congress are using misleading code words, false statements and deleting dissenting comments to defend #Trumpcare.

Melissa Chamberlain What more can One say but, WOW! Across the country, We, The People, are getting terrible representation! And because of sneaky, under-handed things like this, many will be unaware until it is too late. Shameful.
Joan O'Brien Democrats do the same thing when it suits their purposes. In CT we have a Democrat Comptroller who's involuntarily transferring current retirees from traditional Medicare with supplement onto a "Medicare Advantage" product and the literature he's circulating to justify this is equal to any Republican distortion of reality. In other words, politicians of both parties do wrong and then mislead, lie and dissemble. Welcome to Orwellian America!
Gordon Clarke I will never , ever vote repuglican again.. Remember, remember the 6th of November 2018, and all the polls between now and then to replace as many repuglicans as you can, no matter how insignificant the post may seem.
Jean Raymer No surprise - Repubs have always diverted, mis-speak, use code words, and outright lie about everything.
Lori Lawrenson Liars
William Highland They are all traitors!!!
Dita Rae The following preview of 2018 midterms has been approved for all audiences. Since November CONGRATULATIONS Connecticut, Iowa, Delaware, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, NYC, New Hampshire and Philly on YIUGE state senate WINS! Progressives on city council of Harlem, South Fulton and Prince Willam county court clerk. New Mexico swept school boards statewide.Wisconsin re-elected state superintendent of schools. Cities of Kankakee, West Deerfield, Elgin Township, Normal Township and Monesson have Democrat mayors and city council for the first time in like .... ever. Morgantown WV city council flipped blue. Hopkiton Dems sweep the planning board. Larry Krasner wins his primary for Philly DA. And CONGRATULATIONS France. Georgia vote for Jon Ossoff and South Carolina vote Archie for congress on 06/20
  • Ken Pease About the Importance of Medicare

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